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Conceptual design of temporal aspects in data warehousing with T-ADAPT

from Dr. Michael Hahne

Chapter 5: Summary

The consideration of temporal aspects in the phase of conceptional modelling of Data Warehouse and OLAP systems is essential since possible analyses and reports depend directly on it. T-ADAPT recognized for this phase of modelling is the foundation of the shown possibility of modelling temporal aspects forms. An emphasis is thereby put on illustrating various dimension structures and their relations among each other.

Especially structural changes in dimension hierarchies are to be considered for temporal aspects when modelling. Symbols for graphical representation are proposed for this and their meaning for representing different time scenarios is pointed out. It is possible to represent all specified forms of time stamping in the conceptional model by the suggested method T-ADAPT.

The logical next step would be the transition to a level of logical modelling and further investigations could regard the derivation of temporal structures in logical models from a T-ADAPT-model in particular.

Last update: 2010-01-13